Our Values

Values are a set of beliefs and practices that we treasure and consider to be important as they form the foundation for the way in which we live our lives. Our values determine how we relate to God, to leadership, to one another and the manner in which we go about our business in every arena of life. Here are the values that we at Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship hold dear:

Christ-centered lives, expressing the Lordship of Christ

To be Christ-centered means that we do everything with Him in mind. Nothing is done out of selfish ambition but always by His prompting and for His glory. This is our primary value.

Apostolic Alignment

At Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship we believe and honour the five-fold ministry gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor & Teacher. We are thus aligned to an international body of churches called Church Of The Nations (COTN) and are covered by an apostolic father who gives us oversight and relational support.

Accountability (being under authority releases authority)

With regard to submission to authority, we believe in the principle of being in authority because you are under authority.

Expressing the Father heart of God

We believe that the ultimate expression of God’s heart towards us is that of a Father, not a dictator. We therefore value emulating that heart to one another.

The principle of fathers and sons

The relationship between a father/mother and a son/daughter is special in that a spiritual parent always has the best interests of their spiritual children at heart.  As opposed to merely teaching people the Word of God, we believe in fathering young believers into spiritual maturity through intimate and caring relationships.

A sense of belonging and family

At Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship, we see ourselves as a family of believers and therefore relate to one another as such.  Though there may be issues that need to be dealt with from time to time, our relationships as brothers and sisters are never in question.  For this very reason, as a member of Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship it is vitally important that you belong to a home group where you can develop and grow in relationships and family life.  We consider it imperative that every member support a local home group with their attendance and participation.

Authentic relationships (openness, honesty and integrity)

Relationships should never be founded upon façades. We believe in being open, honest and real with one another.

A Spirit-filled church where the ministry of the Holy Spirit is a priority

We value and make room for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our worship services. We welcome His life-giving presence, precious gifts, unfathomable wisdom and limitless anointing.

Unity in the Body of Christ

We believe that although different church families have different mandates, we corporately form the Body of Christ.  Unity amongst us is therefore of great importance.

Living Bible-based Christianity

We consider the Word of God to be the final authority on all matters and the blueprint to living a Godly and fruitful life.

The priesthood of all believers and, every believer a minister

We believe that every believer has a purpose and divine destiny from God.  Part of our vision is to help equip believers to do the unique work of ministry that God has assigned to them.

Living a supernatural life, naturally

We recognize and value the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and believe that they are intended to be a part of our everyday life, extending and establishing the influence of the Kingdom of God wherever we go.

Excellence of ministry

Every believer is an ambassador of the Kingdom of God and should thus exemplify His character and excellence in every area of ministry.

Sacrificial servanthood

This value implies the laying down of one’s own vision, desires and comfort in order to serve those of another.

Passion for God, His church and His Kingdom

Our passion for God, His church and His Kingdom gives our lives meaning, purpose and value.

Kingdom values, vision and lifestyle

We embrace God’s way of doing things in all areas of life. He is our King, and we are the citizens of His kingdom.

A compassionate burden for the lost

We desire to see the lost come to saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Righteousness and justice are the foundations of the Kingdom
Living life in the grace and mercy of God.

It is only by living from the fullness of God’s enabling grace that we are able to live lives that bring glory to Him.

A Kingdom influence and impact on the moral fabric of society

It is important to us that our community and the areas within which we have influence are positively impacted for the glory of God and His Kingdom.

The principle of reasoning from the whole to the part

This value is worked out by understanding the overall vision of the house and finding one’s place in that overall vision.  One’s gifting is then worked out and expressed from the part to the whole.

God confirms His Word through signs and wonders

The gifts of the Spirit bring glory and honour to God when they are manifest and are consistently in operation. With regard to submission to authority, we believe in the principle of being in authority because you are under authority.